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rtweet: Collecting Twitter Data I published rtweet, an R [statistical computing] software package, on the Comprehensive R Archive Network. The package is an implementation of calls designed to extract and organize Twitter data via Twitter’s REST and stream API’s. Functions formulate GET and POST requests and convert response objects to more user friendly structures, e.g., data frames or lists. Specific consideration is given to functions designed to return tweets, friends, and followers.


I’m an assistant professor at the University of Missouri where I hold a joint appointment in the School of Journalism and the Informatics Institute. I teach courses in mass media, political communication, quantitative research methods, and data science. My research examines selective exposure in digital media environments and perceptions of news media. My recent work has focused on partisan selective exposure in new media environments. For example, in my dissertation, I political polarization in user networks on Twitter during the 2016 general election.